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Solar power is not only good for the planet, but good for your finances. Companies with solar arrays begin the journey on day 1


Every self produced unit of electricity will save you money for the >25 years the panels will be operating, unused units will return to the grid and generate a payment through the new Smart Export Guarantee.

Our systems are designed to give you benefits from day one as well as providing long term energy security. Sustainability is our ethos, compromises that could affect the security of your investment represent a false economy.

We install inverters free from electrolytic or film capacitors in their products. These components are the weakest point in solar PV systems and by insisting on better technologies we are reducing the possibility of expensive downtime, possible call-out costs from engineers and delays while manufacturers replace units. Cheaper inverters may come with long warranties but incur greater ongoing O&M costs.

The high-quality fixing systems we use don’t just reduce the stress on the solar components but on your roof as well.  Reducing your risk of roofing repairs is paramount – the system will likely be installed for many decades to come.

The panels we recommend are from top, bankable brands and all panels supplied are certified through rigorous testing to meet a range of IEC standards.  This ensures safe, reliable operation and complete resilience to decades of exposure to all extremes of weather, resistant to corrosive elements such as salt mist and ammonia. We select panels built to minimise micro-fracturing of the crystalline which over decades of abuse will gradually reduce a solar panel’s power production capacity.

Our commercial customers report exceptionally high satisfaction levels and would be pleased to provide references to our future clients.

The Smart Export Guarantee

As of January 1st 2020, the smart export guarantee is in operation for homes and businesses in the UK. It works in a similar way to the feed in tariff: any unused solar can be sold back to the grid, using a metering system at around 5.5p per kWh.

There are several ways to finance solar for your company

  • Outright purchase

    Commercial solar PV systems generate reliable returns of up to 15% per annum increasing your energy self-sufficiency and taking advantage of 20-year index-linked tariff income. Solar is a well established technology that has a typical economic life of over 25 years and new installations are eligible to claim capital allowances. If you move premises during this time solar arrays can be sold on as fixtures of the building (ownership of the tariffs can be transferred) or simply removed and transferred to your next facility.

  • Cash-positive asset finance

    Taking away the need for full upfront investment and ensuring your future energy costs are low . Our funding partners work with us to ensure that loan repayments are less than the income and savings generated by the panels after a small initial investment . Full ownership can be achieved within 5 yrs with no additional overheads, your capital continues working hard for you and your running costs are reduced from day one. Savings from the PV asset are designed to offset the finance costs and achieve full repayment in as few as 5 yrs, savings and income after this and for the lifespan of the system are owned by the business.

  • Power Purchase Agreements

    With the rapid drop in the cost of renewables relative to increasing energy costs, Power Purchase Agreements have emerged as a serious vehicle for zero-to-low outlay solar PV installations for high energy users.  We can signpost your company to private initiatives or community-owned energy cooperatives that make the investment for you as well and manage the operation and maintenance of the solar assets through their lifespan. A purchase agreement allows you to pay for only the proportion of the solar PV generated electricity you use at lower than market rates and protected from market price rises.

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