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From initial appraisal, grid connection applications, installation and ongoing Operation and Management, we suit your requirements.

Large Scale Solar Projects

Sunlight Future works with businesses around the UK area to deliver commercial-grade solar with expert workmanship and support. Our large-scale commercial solar systems are designed to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By partnering with us, you benefit from our deep industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and tailored solutions that optimize energy production. Let Sunlight Future help you achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint with a quality, reliable solar energy system today.

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Ground Mount Arrays and Solar Farms

Whether for commercial export to the grid, self consumption or community use, Sunlight Future deliver scalable ground mounted solar arrays. Our experience working with different ground mount systems on a wide variety of ground terrain and local grid infrastructure ensures we deliver on your project from initial feasibility to installation, final connection and ongoing maintenance.

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Solar Carports: The Smart Way to Park and Power Up

Our carport solutions are suitable for a wide range of workplace and destination car parks, including offices, shopping and leisure facilities. This growing area of solar allows a high density of installation where roof space is limited whilst providing weather shelter for pedestrians and vehicles. Coupled to your main electrical connection the power goes to your business or your vehicles as required.

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Commercial Solar Tax Incentives, Solar Grants, Green Funding Options

There are a range of financial incentives for businesses to install solar PV ranging from Solar Grants, Commercial Solar Tax Incentives and Green Funding Options available through Sunlight Future. Take advantage of significant savings and support from the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), reduced Green Capital borrowing rates from our lenders such as Lombard and tax benefits from HMRC. Contact us today to discuss how these opportunities can enhance your business’s sustainability and profitability.

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Recent Commercial Installations

  • 110kWp Commercial Solar

    System Produces

    107,137 kWh/yr Generation
    20,667 kg/yr Carbon Savings
    £23,232.63 Savings yr1
  • 190kWp Commercial Solar

    System Produces

    170,033 kWh/yr Generation
    32,515 kg/yr Carbon Savings
    £27,185.26 Savings yr1
  • 400kWp Commercial Solar

    System Produces

    414,860 kWh/yr Generation
    80,067 kg/yr Carbon Savings
    £61,222.65 Savings yr1
  • 80kWp Flat Roof Commercial Solar

    System Produces

    80,247 kWh/yr Generation
    15,487 kg/yr Carbon Savings
    £17,122.93 Savings yr1
  • 70kWp Metal Roof Commercial Solar

    System Produces

    68,786 kWh/yr Generation
    13,273 kg/yr Carbon Savings
    £12,291.79 Savings yr1

The financial advantages of solar panels

Commercial solar installations offer a wealth of financial benefits that make them an attractive investment for businesses. These systems not only significantly reduce their energy bills, yielding substantial long-term monetary savings, but they also allow companies to monetize surplus generation by feeding it back into the grid. The upfront investment in solar technology is quickly offset by the reduction in utility expenses and the potential revenue from energy sales.

Get Immediate Results

Installing solar panels have immediate benefits of lower electricity costs, as well as ensuring long-term dividends. Commercial PV solutions often show an amortisation period under 4 years, offering a predictable return on investment.

Projected Savings

Utilising software simulations, our cutting-edge technology enables data-driven forecasting for commercial solar installations. By modelling the behaviour of solar panels, energy storage systems, and grid interactions, businesses gain valuable insights to project the long-term financial impact of their investment.

As businesses seek green investment opportunities as part of the transition to net-zero, solar panels stand out as the leading option—promoting sustainability and financial benefits.

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Go Green with Solar for Your Business

We specialise in providing commercial clients a clear path to becoming a greener, more energy-efficient operation, ready for future business. Running a business in an environmentally sustainable way can be synonymous with reducing overheads, maximising profits, and future proofing.

Solar PV is a perfectly placed technology to generate meaningful carbon savings and ensure your business is future-proofed against the tide of rising energy costs. From start to finish, we are here to help your business become more environmentally integrated. Solar not only reduces your energy costs and helps you remain competitive; it demonstrates you are thinking about the future and ready for business.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Solar panels offer an excellent way to reduce the carbon emissions of your business, with Solar PV generating 12 times less CO2 than natural gas, and 20 times less than coal. As the world moves towards a greener and more eco-conscious future, using commercial spaces for clean energy generation is an ideal way to show consumers that your business is doing its part for the environment.

Installed Anywhere

Almost any roof is appropriate for solar panel installation, including flat roof aspects, which makes it easy to benefit from your previously unused space to take advantage of clean, cheap electricity.

Even for those businesses where self-usage of solar may be low, the excess generation from renewable sources helps to diversify and greenify the grid in your area, assisting with the global goal of reducing the environmental impact of energy generation.

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