Solar Carports

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Solar Carports: The Smart Way to Park and Power Up

Sunlight Future expertly designs, installs, and maintains solar carports across the UK, providing innovative solutions for businesses looking to harness solar energy. Solar carports, crafted from durable steel, not only offer covered parking for vehicles but also generate valuable solar power. This generated electricity can be utilized directly on-site or for charging a fleet of electric vehicles, enhancing your business’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

Generate Free Electricity & Support EV Charging

Adopt solar carports and take a decisive step towards a greener, more cost-effective business environment. Provide your stakeholders with the benefits of reliable and eco-friendly charging options and reinforce your position as a forward-thinking leader in corporate sustainability.
• Free electricity generation
• Make your company’s environmental commitments immediately visible to visitors
You can give your employees, customers and guests easy access to multiple EV charge points, providing reliable, low cost, low carbon charging.

Expand Your Solar Capacity

Ideal for businesses with limited roof space or those whose roofs are obstructed by vents or skylights, solar carports by Sunlight Future are a strategic alternative. They allow companies to expand their solar energy capabilities without the need for additional roof-mounted systems. Sunlight Future’s solar carports can also be integrated seamlessly with existing on-roof solar PV systems, providing a versatile and scalable solution for businesses aiming to maximize their investment in renewable energy sources. This makes Sunlight Future a top choice for UK businesses looking to extend their solar panel installations and embrace cleaner, greener technology.

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