Residential Solar

Choosing the right solution for your Home

Renewable energy has many benefits, insulating against energy price rises whilst reducing reliance on fossil fuels

Solar panels are a reliable and effective way of generating clean energy. They are easy to install, last for decades, increase your self-sufficiency and drive down the running costs of your home.

We do not give customers a generic offering. Every home has a dedicated design, considering your roof areas and your energy requirements. We supply a broad range of panels, battery storage systems, inverters and associated technology and always evaluate our designs thoroughly in software before providing you with a full and detailed quote.

We are experts in integrating solar and storage systems with EV charging, hot water heating, heat pumps, to better utilise the power you generate. Ensuring all products are cooperating effectively and have an interface or app that makes it all manageable is essential to getting the greatest benefit from this technology.

Our customers find that taking control of their energy and knowing that they are reducing their carbon footprint is a major motivation for integrating renewable energy into their home.

Sunlight Future design, supply and fit with our in-house team. We never outsource work to ensure to have control over installation work. We supply domestic installations with a 10-year workmanship warranty. Our industry-leading design service delivers the best equipment at the right price without unnecessary add-ons.

The Smart Export Guarantee

Since 2020, the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) has been available to all owners of MCS-certified solar PV arrays. This allows you to sell your surplus power to your energy supplier or a third party SEG licensees. This scheme is available to homes and businesses throughout the UK. SEG income varies supplier-to-supplier, with rates typically between £0.12-0.27 per kWh. You do not need to change your energy supplier to benefit from the SEG.

Is it right for you?

Most homes will be able to install and benefit from solar. Our ethos is to find the right solution for each customer, maximising self-sufficiency using the latest renewable technology. We can design to all types of roofs: dormers, slate roofs, metal roofs and more. If you do not have the roof space we can install ground mounted systems, even on domestic properties.

Higher electricity prices and lower equipment costs make solar an increasingly attractive investment.

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