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We offer a wide range of technologies to enhance your solar experience, and to help you lead a more renewable life. You can add additional solar without affecting your existing array, and increasingly people are choosing to extend their system to enhance their renewable experience.

Monitoring Equipment

Monitoring helps you make more of your solar power. We recommend either of two wireless devices

Web-only monitoring: OWL Intuition-PV

The OWL Intuition PV is a popular monitoring option that logs data online about the energy generated by your solar panels, the energy usage of the house and amount of surplus electricity generated. Log in to the online portal to see live readings as well as graphs and tables of past readings. Download a free Android or iOS app to view this data from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. The Intuition range includes some inexpensive add-on devices such as a smart heating controls, giving you the ability to control and programme your heating and hot water from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.


Web & in-house display: Solo III

The Solo III+ is the latest and best PV monitoring system. The Solo III talks directly to the included smart meter, giving you 100% meter-accurate microgeneration data. Unlike the OWL and inverter monitoring (which don’t have OFGEM certification) you can use the included visual display or the web portal to take the meter readings remotely. The Solo III PV reads and displays generation, usage, import and export information helping you get the most out of your solar PV system.

EnviroGuard Bird Netting

Solar panels can offer ready-made shelter for nesting birds which can cause problems to the panels and increase the need for general building maintenance. Birds that begin nesting under the panels can cause a number of issues such as damage to cables, damage to panels, reduction in yields, and internal noise from the movement under the panels. EnviroGuard bird netting is installed around the panels, preventing access beneath the panels, thus protecting the roof , wiring and equipment from damage. The non-penetrating system uses special clips to fix the mesh to the panels without the need for drilling or gluing. Installing the protection at the outset is considerably less expensive, firstly due to costs associated with scaffolding/access, and secondly to benefit from the reduced 5 % VAT rate pertaining to domestic systems and new builds.

Free Solar Powered Hot Water

If you have a hot water tank in your heating system a solar hot water controller is a brilliant system add-on. These provide free hot water from the surplus power from your PV system. They manage exactly how much power the tank’s heating element receives, diverting only the surplus electricity which would otherwise feed back into the grid. By reacting instantly to changes in household usage only the free-to-use generated electricity goes to the immersion heater, reducing your water heating bills significantly.

This offer entitles you to free fitting of one of the devices below, when installed in conjunction with solar PV:

  1. Solar iBoost Plus
  2. SolarEdge Immersion Heater Controller the best solution if you are having a SolarEdge inverter. Your inverter doubles up as a hub to connect a number of other smart home devices. This product also gives you full home energy monitoring, exceeding the capabilities of all other monitoring platforms such as the OWL Intuition (see above). It is compatible with a range of other self-consumption maximising devices such as the Tesla Powerwall

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  • I was so confident in this company that gave me no hard sell… I went on holiday, upon returning everything was finished and tidy and clean, paperwork complete and sorted out with my power supplier. Excellent service and value.

    Paul Lewis
  • From start to finish we found Sunlight Future to be a very professional, helpful and friendly team. The system was very competitively priced (the best out of five quotes) and is working EXTREMELY well. Overall, we are very satisfied customers.

    Elizabeth Chapman
  • Service, price and professionalism come as standard from this company and they are a pleasure to do business with.

    Gill & Simon
  • I would like to say that I am very pleased with the installation, system and your system design. I would like to say that I would recommend Sunlight Future to anyone who is interested in solar.

  • I would highly recommend Sunlight Future to anyone thinking of solar energy and will use this company when I install solar hot water system.

    Adrian Pittard
  • The system has been working very well and after 6 months we are 15% ahead of the the figures we were predicting. It has been a pleasure doing business with Sunlight Future and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a solar pv system installed.

    David Gardner

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