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Solar PV is a reliable way to capitalise on your roof space to both futureproof and combat rising energy bills, generate income from the Smart Export Guarantee and run your home on clean energy.

We supply a carefully considered range of products which helps us design systems that can work on more homes than ever. Solar PV installations do not just need to point due south – they can work very well on east or west facing roofs too.

So many technologies are now on the market to enable us to design bespoke systems that maximise energy yield. Depending on your requirements you may wish to consider arrays over multiple roofs. We can install systems than can manage shading and optimise all usable roof spaces.

Solar panels can also work well when installed on flat roofs, dormers, garages or even when façade mounting.

Solar technology has very quickly increased in efficiency, aesthetics and the costs are the lowest they have ever been. Even small roofs can have cost-effective solar potential. High efficiency modern panels have up to 24% efficiency are we are able to cram a kilowatt of capacity into 5m² of roof space. The average home uses 2,700kWh of power each year (link), all of which can be offset with just 6 solar panels requiring only 3.5 x 3.5m of roof space!

Sophisticated software modelling for performance

Even on a roof with a suitable orientation it may be that structures such as chimneys, dormers, surrounding buildings or trees could affect the suitability of some roof areas.  We design these problems out of our installations by using industry-leading software modelling tools which produce 3D models of your property, surrounding buildings and trees. Simulations use localised weather data to precisely predict patterns, duration and density of shade and the impact they will have on the equipment. This allows us to give you a best estimate as to yearly system performance. This extra effort results pays off in systems that are as effective as possible, supplied with the right system components with no unnecessary over-complications or costs.

Solar installations are designed to operate trouble-free for decades. Sunlight Future aims to maximise the performance of every installation with careful design and good workmanship. We are committed to supplying high quality renewable energy systems, built for your home.

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