Operations & Maintenance

Solar monitoring and maintenance 


We offer a wide range of maintenance packages with scheduled inspection and testing, monitoring and reactive call out. Our proactive and reactive commercial site maintenance services ensure our customers minimise downtime and achieve the full potential of their onsite generation.

Whether you require one off inspections of existing systems or an ongoing maintenance package we are here to ensure the longevity of our own and third party installations.


  • Ground mounted array maintenance

    We carry our routine maintenance on ground mounted solar arrays, including ground wotrks, structural repairs and cleaning where necessary.

  • Commercial and small scale portfolio maintenance

    We manage and maintain many commercial portfolios. Size is no object, and we can tailor our maintenance to your requirements.

  • Solar farm maintenance

    We can help you get the best out of your solar farm, and carry out routine maintenance to help you achieve optimal performance. We carry out structural repairs and cleaning where necessary.

Our Renewable Energy Technology Solutions

  • Solar Panels
  • Tesla Powerwall 2
  • Electric car plugged in and recharging
  • Solar Panel on Rooftop
  • Solar Panels

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